Sunday, November 12, 2006

Hell Hole to Heavenly - the Bathroom!

Our bathroom when we moved in, yuch!

The shower curtains really set the room off.

Then we got Dodgey Dave to plumb in the new suite.........

check out how he's managed to put the sink together beautifully.....

Then see how he's plumbed in the sink with amazing 'invisible' black pipes, even though he was meant to put the pipes under the floor, so they'd not be seen!

And see how carefully the loo was fitted, I've not seen it done better!!

it leaked, and the loo cistern was connected to the hot water, and he didn't know.Fortunately for Matt and me we know Harry and Adam :)

Harry refitted the entire bathroom properly and gave us a new window and fab new floor.

Here's Adam, he made us the ceiling shower rail and the curtain hold backs that are ladies :)

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