Thursday, September 14, 2006

Chutney !

hi you lot!
Thought I'd make a blog spot too for all the Peg's & Pickles hot chutney news flashes !!
Life wouldn't be the same without Pickled Bunions and any other normal vegetable, boiled alive in pickling vinegar with our secret blend of spices!!

also it means I can put pictuers of us lot on the web too for Anne to see :)

We all went to Chris & Helen's, wedding recently in Macclesfield, here are some pics :)

Matt and I also went to the AMAZING MAISE MAZE!!!

with Emma, Craig, lucas, and Finlay

that's all for now :)


wideeye said...

Thanks, that phot of me just looks lovely


Anne, Steve and Josh said...

I would like to see some pickle recipies please.

WeeEskimo said...

and some photos of Thunderpants too !

selfishlobster said...

Wow!!! Dining room looks amaizing - geddit?!!

chandelier looks fab too - good choice Lou!!